Carmen Lopez Colome artista espanola

Carmen López Colomé, young spanish artist living in Sevilla, with studies in art, ceramics and restoration, satisfies individual orders and gives lessons of art.


carmen lopez colome tallerHer work consists of taking the ceramics to a higher level. Why not to join the utilitarian basic value of the ceramics with the creative, decorative and innovative value? Just as our ancestors did. In other eras the ceramics was very valued as an article of luxury and was a symbol of wealth for the society. But with the industrialization and the production in series, the ceramics losts its artistic value. In this sense, she tries to recover the handcrafted techniques creating unique objects – work of art.

The enamels used for the production of the glazes, are selected methodically by own formulas which can´t be find in the industry, realized exclusively for each piece. They are based on the study and the personal experimentation, which along with the form, technique, textures and colors of the glazes are the artistic object.



Carmen Lopez Colome, born in Seville in 1979, at the age of 3 years began drawing demonstrating her creative abilities and her skill with color and handling pencils, crayons and markers.

She began attending pottery classes and drawing classes at a private school during high school, where she acquired a good knowledge of drawing techniques, supplemented with courses of "human morphology and anatomy art" at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Seville.


Exhibitions and fairs

  • Fair Employment Shows 2001. Exhibition of Córdoba. Stand Representative Training School Gelves Artisans "Della Robbia".
  • Women's Fair 2002, Casino Exhibition in Seville. Organized by the Office of Woman. Townhall of Seville.
  • Folk Art Fair 2002, Buhaira Civic Center. Townhall of Seville.
  • Exhibition at the Gallery "Filters", July 2007. Manises. Valencia.
  • Exhibition in the room "Alfons Blat". School of Ceramics Manises. May 2008.Valencia
  • Exhibition at the Art Gallery " Missió 21 art ". September-October 2012. Palma de Mallorca.